December 2013: 10 Facts About Christmas

Tis the season to be jolly… Did you just read the sentence in your head as a tune?

Do you know why Christmas is known as the season of giving? Or why being ‘under the mistletoe’ is a place meant for people to kiss? And the million-dollar question – who exactly is Santa?

Some interesting facts about Christmas that you might not know have been unearthed just for you!

1.) In the famous song “12 Days of Christmas”, the number of times gifts are exchanged, actually adds up to 364! That means there’s one gift for every day of the year.

2.) An old wives’ tale states that if you bake bread on Christmas Eve, it will never grow mouldy. (This is not proven, nor is there numbers to confirm its accuracy, but it’s a fun tale to believe in, right?)

3.) One of the more famous words associated with Christmas is ‘Noel’, which is a French word. It is derived from the phrase “les bonnes nouvelles” which means “the good news”.

4.) Kissing underneath a mistletoe is a Christmas tradition that originates from ancient Scandinavia. The mistletoe was associated with peace and friendship, which may be the reason people kiss beneath it.

5.) The single “White Christmas” by Irving Berlin is said to be the best selling single of all time with over 100 million sales worldwide. (Of course, thanks to Gangnam Style, this is no longer the case)

6.) An ancient myth states that the Viking god, ‘Odin’, is the precursor to Santa Claus. He rode his horse during winter and gave out gifts and punishment to children.

7.) The earliest known Christmas decoration is the apple.

8.) The trend of Christmas tree decoration peaked in the 17th century when people hung decorated eggshells with patterns. This could have been the beginning of the Christmas bauble.

9.) The first ever artificial Christmas tree was made out of goose feathers.

10.) According to the Guinness Book of Records, the tallest Christmas tree to be cut was 221 feet long.

Do you feel the Christmas spirit now? Spread these Christmas fun facts with your friends and have a Merry Christmas!

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