January 2014: What to watch out for this 2014



not actual look of iwatch

1. Apple iWatch

Sony and Samsung may have been the first two companies to have released the smartwatch products. If there’s one tech company to make big out of it, it’s surely be Apple. Many analysts are thinking it would be the biggest release of 2014, especially if it will push through with the rumored flexible display feature

not actual look of Samsung s5

2. Samsung Galaxy S5

Everyone can’t wait to have his hands on the Samsung Galaxy S5 having known it is the main competitor of the amazing iPhone 5s. If rumors are true that S5 will have its debut by January, then it’s surely one of the priority gadgets to check out by 2014.





For women:

Windswept up-dos: This look is both casual and disheveled yet oozes subtle glamour and charm. For those who are a fan of up-dos, it is recommended letting plenty of loose locks fall around the face, when pinning hair up.

Short hair and cropped pixie cuts: Looking for a drastic change? Give yourself a cropped hair style. If you already have short hair, a great way to make cropped cut more exciting is to add layering. However, it is advised to always consider face shape and hair texture before making any dramatic change.

Braids: For those ladies who are thinking about summer, they can start experimenting with braids. Popular ones include the braid crown, in which a thick braid is wrapped around the crown of the head and the fishtail braid intertwining with neutral coloured ribbons, creating a fun yet sleek and subtle twist.

For Men

Medium hair: Keeping hair slightly long will give you a chance to create numerous styles as per your wish. Static buzz cuts are no longer on trend – medium long hair, which can be tousled, swept to the side or slicked back in a ‘Great Gatsby’ style is in!

Accessorise: Men can accessorise using a bandanna. For those who are apprehensive, bandanna is both masculine and casual and can work extremely well for men who are too lazy to style their hair




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