April 2014: Mi MAPFRE Alert

Accident Saver’s Advantage Plan22110719_xl

ASAP, one our Personal Accident packages is a product that is especially designed for breadwinners. It provides protection for the family of the insured, by paying fixed monthly and annual benefits in case of accidental death of the insured. What makes the product ideal for heads of families are the unique benefits that are paid directly to the beneficiaries or the family of the insured. These benefits include a Death Lump Sum Benefit, Burial Assistance, Monthly Shelter Allowance for the family for one year, Educational Assistance of up to four children for five years, and Annual Hospitalization for dependents for up to five years.

In case of total and permanent disablement, the product provides a Lump Sum Benefit and Monthly Pension benefit for one year. The product also has built-in cover for Unprovoked Murder and Assault and Accidental Medical Reimbursement.

ASAP is a unique product that is best for persons seeking security for dependents under his or her care. The combination and design of benefits make ASAP a complete and reliable product that will surely be a source of financial support for the family of the insured that has been left behind.

For more information on the product, contact your nearest MAPFRE Insular Branch or Sales Assistant.

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