May 2014: Healthy Portion Sizes in your hand!

One very important aspect of living a healthy life is portion control. 

If you ever find yourself wondering how much of something you should eat, just look at your hand!

your two hands cupped together : one health portion of veggies
your fist : one healthy portion of fruits and grains
your hand cupped : one to two ounces of snack food such as pretzels or nuts
your palm : 3 ounces of poultry, meat, or fish
your entire thumb : one ounce of meat or cheese
your thumb tip : a typical serving size for salad dressing
your finger tip : a tsp. the amount of sweetener to add to  tea or cream to add to coffee

So, next time you are out to eat, or fixing dinner, just let your hand be your guide to making smart portion choices!


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