Stories of Others: Running in a Different Light


On days when you’re not pushing your limits with intervals or building your endurance in a long run, why not have a good read?

Aside from conditioning your body for your next race, a good source of motivation and strength is in the trials and challenges of others. Reading about their triumphs, no matter how trivial or great these seem to be, and re-discovering the benefits of running outside the realm of health through their stories can be a fresh source of drive to reach our own goals.

Here are two novels  that will definitely spark the runner in you with more insights on running in the eyes of another.

What I Talk When I Talk About Running is a novel by the best-selling author Haruki Murakami, in memoir form, about his obsession for writing and running. He elaborates on his experiences, while training for and during the actual day of,the New York City Marathon with constant reference to the relationship between his running and writing. Find out more about the novel here.

For Emil Zatopek, a Czech local, running was not borne out of initial self-interest, but a result of Soviet liberation and post-World Ward II communism. Jean Echenoz, the author of Running: A Novel, follows the career of Zatopek and his journey towards becoming a national hero and Olympic gold medalist. Read more here.

Learn more about the Mapfre Insular Run for Road Safety 2014 here.

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