FUNDACIÓN MAPFRE Releases Road Safety Guide for Schools

27985978_lLast September 16, 2014, FUNDACIÓN MAPFRE  released a guide for schools to use in improving road safety practices within their environment. This guide helps schools analyze the risks in current practices and recommend and implement better road safety measures.

Examples of factors that increase the risk of students being in an accident or run over include: narrow sidewalks, distant crosswalks, poor visibility at intersections, lack of cycle lanes, insufficient signs requiring speed to be reduced and low number of parking spaces for vehicles and buses.

To prevent the occurrence of road accidents of students at schools, FUNDACIÓN MAPFRE recommends that schools – together with councils, parents’ and students’ groups and the local police – conduct audits to check road safety conditions in the school area and suggest measures to reduce risks and improve traffic flow.


Below are some Road Safety Recommendations from FUNDACIÓN MAPFRE.

  • Always walk to school on the sidewalk. If a road or path without a sidewalk needs to be used, walk on the left side and as far away as possible from the edge of the road.
  • Always cross at the designated location and, on two-way streets, it is recommended to look to the left, then to the right and again to the left.
  • On one-way streets, look first to the side where vehicles are coming from, then to the opposite side (e.g. there could be a vehicle reversing) and, finally, again to the side where cars normally come from.
  • While crossing the road, make visual contact with the driver to confirm they have seen you.
  • Do not play or run near the edge of sidewalks as there is a risk of falling or going into the road.
  • If the school transport service is used, try to allow enough time, arriving at least five minutes before the bus is scheduled to arrive.

The guide is available for free download at www.fundació and soon to be published in English.

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