Team MAPFRE Heads North in 3rd Place

mapfre volvo race 3

The VO 65 “MAPFRE” and the rest of the competitors have decided to target the North. Xabi Fernández explains that the challenge not is to over come the high pressure wind dragging the feet on the way to Abu Dhabi,  “You have to spend a little wind zone before us and once we leave here we will take the Trade North South direction.”

Meanwhile, the crew of “MAPFRE” has quickly adapted to life on board. Carlos Hernández shares, “We are already accustomed to life aboard the ship. We are in the fight and expect to be whole stage front and to win it. “

Party positions 14:00 Spanish time – November 23, 2014

1st Team Brunel, NED (Bouwe Bekking) at 4196 miles arrival
2nd Dongfeng Racing Team, CHN (Charles Caudrelier), 5.1 miles from the leader
3rd MAPFRE, ESP (Iker Martínez), 6.2 miles from the leader
4th Team Alvimedica, USA / TUR (Charlie Enright), 11.3 miles from the leader
5th Abu Dhabi Ocean Racing, UAE (Ian Walker), 20.6 miles from the leader
6 Team Vestas Wind, DEN (Chris Nicholson), 24 miles from the leader
7 Team SCA, SWE (Sam Davies), 45.5 miles from the leader

Keep posted on the progress of MAPFRE by checking their official site. For more information, click here.

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