MAPFRE Insular Road Safety Activity for Students

By: Maria Monica Pakson


As an accompaniment to the Run for Road Safety 2014, MAPFRE Insular held an event for Road Safety awareness last November 29, 2014 at Inayawan Night High School, Cebu City.

In cooperation with the principal, Ms. Ma. Lourdes Jaca, the event was attended by more than 700 students. A talk was provided by the Head of Operations of Cebu City Traffic Operations Management (CITOM), Jonathan Tumulak, incorporated with other road safety tips by Traffic Educators, Amy Maestrado and Marie Labitad. MAPFRE helps provide road safety education and awareness for road users especially to students to encourage safer road usage behavior and to reduce the number of people killed and injured on our roads every year.

Statistics from CITOM

Records show that from 2007 to 2014 great no. of reported road accidents led to serious physical injury and death. Below data as follows:

Year     No. of Accidents          Physical Injury             Deaths

2007            11,031                            2,942                           55

2008           10,209                           2,820                           51

2009           10,250                            3,007                          46

2010           10,046                            2,912                           40

2011           10,469                            2,870                           51

2012           10,027                            3,219                           43

2013           10,679                             3,470                         45

2014            8,742                             2,777                          41

From 2007 to 2014, 372 casualties have been recorded in Cebu City. 70% of these were due to human error and due to driver error. Caution is encouraged in order for such accidents to be avoided, especially among students. Basic traffic tules were highlighted during the event such as the meaning of the stop lights, PUJ stops, jaywalking, pedestrian lanes and the importance of obeying the traffic regulations.

Prizes and Zumba Activity for Students


To make the morning fun and exciting a question and answer portion was conducted for the students to see how well they understood the talk. Prizes were given away to students. Finally, the event closed with a Zumba dance session that filled the place with enthusiasm.

Special thanks to the MAPFRE Insular Cebu spearheaded by Neil Ceniza and Eddith Minguito for their active participation and assistance, and to CITOM and our event sponsors for the support.

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