FUNDACIÓN MAPFRE presented the “Juega Seguro” campaign last December 3 in Madrid. In collaboration with FIFA, Ripoll y de Prado FIFA Medical Center of Excellence and the Spanish Society for Emergency Medicine (SEMES), this project aims to carry out different activities intended to encourage the prevention of sudden death in sports.

This incidence is the cause of an estimated 100-120 deaths in Spain every year among people who play sport intensively. Internationally, there can be up to one case a month among professional soccer players.

This campaign forms part of the FIFA/F-MARC program, and is supported by a team of well-known soccer players, managers and top referees who are directly or indirectly linked to cardiac emergency situations.

This ambitious project includes the image and voice of Paco Alcácer, Kameni, Sergio Sánchez, Joaquín Caparrós, Edu Albacar, Rubén de la Red, Sergio Ramos, José Antonio Camacho, Turienzo Álvarez and Sonia Bermúdez, among others. Its aim is to reach millions of people, mainly linked to the world of soccer.

Antonio Huertas, Chairman of FUNDACIÓN MAPFRE; José Antonio Camacho, “manager” of the “Juega Seguro” team; Pedro Ripoll, Director of the Ripoll y de Prado FIFA Medical Center of Excellence; and Efraim Kramer, Manager of the FIFA Emergency Medicine Division all attended the event where the “CPR 11” app was revealed.

CPR stands for “Cardiopulmonary resuscitation”, and 11 refers to the 11 steps recommended by the application. Including universal, easy-to-understand content in both Spanish and English, the app shows how to perform resuscitation in case of cardiac arrest and how to stabilize the victim until the emergency services arrive. Its sole objective is to save lives.

Antonio Huertas stressed during the event that this campaign aims to “raise awareness both among the main sports actors and society in general about how important prevention and a healthy lifestyle are, and how we need to control the risk factors that may lead to an ischemic condition.”  Mr. Huertas also stated that “care in the first minutes after a cardiac arrest is essential for survival and to reduce its lasting effects”.

The campaign’s video is available for download at:

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