Road Safety Tips for Children from FUNDACIÓN MAPFRE and Michelin


Circulo Seguro, a website initiated by FUNDACIÓN MAPFRE and Michelin, aims to help educate the general public on road safety through various articles that contain information and experiences. The site openly encourages online collaboration and communication from readers through comments, suggestions and recommendations on all matters related to road safety.

Below is an excerpt from Circulo Seguro on tips that will help mold in children the proper attitude to become responsible road users.

Here are some small actions that we may tend to pay little attention to but greatly affect the awareness in children on how to behave in the real world.

  1. Banish the rush in our lives, because haste makes us careless and because children end up adopting the same habits as their parents, as much as we think ‘is just this once’ or ‘is not the usual’.
  2. Avoid profanity, verbal aggression in all its aspects. Yes, children end up swearing and losing their temper, but it is recommended that, in situations where we feel like we need verbal aggression of any type, count to 10 and think that our children see us as an example. Children are influenced by how parents manage stressful situations.
  3. Before crossing the street, stop and look left, right and left. We constantly have to remind our the children that this is the safest way to cross, emphasizing the fact that until drivers have stopped, we should not take even just one step. We must also remind them to cross only along provided designated areas for pedestrians.
  4. Instill children in the “Protocols” security: sit properly with their seat belts fastened securely; respect the signs, particularly traffic lights; be careful when leaving the car or bus, and always remain alert when crossing the street.
  5. Finally, perhaps the most important point is to be able to properly explain to children why these small actions are important. We should make clear the foundations of how things are done and how these translate to proper behavior. It is better to explain the reason than to say “because I said so”.

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