Condo in Metro Manila or House and Lot in Nearby Provinces: Which is a Smarter Buy?


The transition to go from renter to homeowner is financially and emotionally demanding, because you need to consider a lot of factors before you sign the necessary papers.

In today’s market, prices of condominiums in the metro and housing projects in suburban areas are now more competitive making it easier for Filipinos to purchase their own home. But still, many first-time buyers find themselves lost in choosing between the two for their first buy.

Whether you have specific selling-points in mind or not, this list of pointers will help you assess if a condo or house and lot is the way to go:


A house and lot gives you the exclusive rights to your property, you don’t have to follow any restrictions or rules imposed by the administration or the decision of all homeowners (whether you like it or not). You can have your own pet which some condominiums might forbid. Owners also have the advantage of passing the property to the children or grandchildren. Condominiums are just actually good for 50 years or until the building is declared unsafe to live in.


Most people who opt for condominiums are the young professionals who want to live cozily while retaining an easy-access to their workplaces. Most condominiums in Manila are built in the vicinity of Metro Manila, particularly near the malls, restaurants, schools, and transportation hubs. With this, you can save time, energy, and money from travelling far, unlike when you live in nearby provinces or towns.

  1. SPACE

Versatility is the main advantage of owning a house. You can utilize and take up as much space as you want, as long as it’s within your property.  You can have your own parking space or a piece for your gardening. You can even set up a store and convert a portion of your house into an office.

Condo, on the other hand, limits your living space and usage of amenities since you have to share these common areas with other unit owners.


One main advantage of owning a house is you have a full control over everything, especially on when and how to remodel your place and make repairs—unlike in a condo unit where you need to first secure permission from the administrative office and building maintenance.

  1. PRICE

Purchasing a piece of land is to be converted into a house is expensive, unless you do it in the province where the price per square meter is significantly lower than in Metro Manila. Many condominiums offer affordable price range that can accommodate first-time buyers and small families.


Condominiums have a dedicated security team to watch over the unit owners, visitors, and properties while a house’s security will depend on its location. It’s advisable to choose a gated subdivision or village with CCTVs installed in many areas and roving guards.


Most condominiums have their own gym, tennis or basketball court, or swimming pool. Homeowners have the option to install these fancy extras too but that would require a much bigger budget, though these are already available in clubhouse areas in some subdivisions.


Real estate always appreciates, regardless if its house & lot or condo, your investment will invariably increase in value. A condo could generate more rental income than a house and lot with less maintenance expenses. But in terms of re-selling, you will find a house and lot easier to get off your hands. So if you’re buying in an investment point-of-view, you might want to consider those facts.


Condominiums are already in a strategic location with good infrastructure, while houses located outside Metro Manila still requires you to travel for longer hours to reach your workplace. Although much peaceful and less pollution, one common problem house owners in the suburbs have to endure more than condo dwellers is the dreadful Metro Manila traffic.

Aside from the factors mentioned, there are still other personal reasons that an individual needs to consider when choosing to invest in a house and lot or a condominium unit. For every question you may have, seek advice and weight your options.


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