Things You Need To Know To Maintain Your Car

Things You Need To Know To Maintain a Car

Taking care of your car is like guarding your life. Nobody wants to encounter problems, worse, accidents while on vacation, a joyride, or running daily errands, right? Ensuring your vehicle’s performance will make it safer, reliable and dependable for you and your family. The habit of making sure your every aspect is fully- functioning and systems are in tip-top share, you will able to reduce the risk of accidents. You can also can minimize your repair costs in the future, boosts performance and keep its value if you have any plans on reselling it.

Here are some ideas to keep in mind for your car maintenance:

Have it checked regularly.

Inspecting your car will help you find out issues that need some fixing. Check if the fluid levels are correct, your battery is not leaking, cabin and engine filters are replaced and windshield wipers are working properly. Everything with moving parts need grease to survive. Other important components that need attention are spark plugs and cables, headlight, turn signals and brake lamps.

Keep it washed.

Our car is constantly subjected to the sun’s heat, rain, sand and smog that can cause corrosion of dust and dirt. Regularly washing it will prevent the car’s exterior from decaying and the brakes and other undercarriage components rust-free. Car waxing can also protect the paint and keep it shiny. Keep your interiors clean and dry to keep off the formation of bad odor. An uncleaned cabin filter can also cause an unpleasant smell so make sure to take care of that as well.

Change oil regularly.

You should know how to check your oil using a dipstick or through looking for an electronic gauge if it’s needed to be changed already. Having the oil changed regularly will keep the engine clean inside. You have to maintain it between minimum and maximum lines because high oil consumption can cause engine problems. Change out transmission and differential oils. While not requiring frequent service, these fluids must be changed according to service intervals. Always use transmission fluid or gear oil of the recommended type and viscosity.

You can consult with the your car’s manual to know how often to change oil.

Keep the tires inflated.

A tire is a vital component of your car since it provides a comfortable and safe ride for you and your passengers. Check your tire pressure regularly because low tire pressure means poor gas mileage and reduced tire efficiency — and those spell accidents.

Make sure that the tires are rotated, balanced and properly aligned so you can drive smoothly. Improper wheel alignment causes increased tire and poor handling while over inflated tire can cause damage to steering and suspension components. Also keep a spare tire, in case of emergency.

Know your car.

The best way to know, understand and know more about your car is the owner’s manual. Take time to read it because it contains detailed and comprehensive information about your vehicle’s features, details on how the major components work, technical details on the engine and the weight and capacity of the vehicle, and of course, instructions on your car care and maintenance.

These are just the basic car maintenance hacks to help keep your car in good mechanical condition. Of course, it will also help if you don’t wear your vehicle from overuse and accidents.

But let’s face it: you can only do so much for your car. Some things are best left to experts since they’re the ones with adequate technical knowledge and equipment to properly examine your car and executing repairs. If you sense that something’s definitely odd, take it to your auto tech immediately. It’s better to shell out less money now than allow the situation to worsen and taking a bigger cut out of your budget.

Along with being equipped with the basics of car maintenance, a reliable auto insurance provider will also help you keep your car in tip-top condition for a very long time. With MAPFRE INSULAR’s help, you can get a comprehensive package that can include liability coverage, protect your vehicle from damages, and from other events. We put value on your property just as much as you do.

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