Home owners insurance: Covered? Don’t be so sure


Your home protects you and your family. It’s where you share your precious times together.  It keeps you warm at night and serves as shelter for the storms. But sometimes, storms can get too strong and can cause massive damages to you humble abode.

Accidents and natural disasters are beyond your control. You can, however, be prepared for them and protect your family. Getting home insurance will provide just that.

People sometimes fail to see how practical and important it is to have house insurance. In fact, there’s a handful made available in the Philippines you can choose from. And if you do have insurance, did you check the coverage and benefits?

  1. Basic Insurance

The accident that most houses are prone to is fire. Standard insurance policies often include fire in their coverage. This is usually the most affordable type of insurance. It also includes lightning.

If a sudden fire or lightning hits your home, you will not need to panic with the finances.

  1. Basic Insurance with Additional Benefits

This insurance also covers fire and lightning, but it includes support as well, as it offers added financial aid. Benefits include medical and relocation allowance, legal assistance and bereavement support.

This type will make it will easier for you to recover from the damages and loss due to fire and lightning.

  1. Comprehensive Insurance

The Philippines is along the pacific ring of fire. This makes it prone to massive earthquakes. It is also a country that experiences extremely strong typhoons and flood like Ondoy and Yolanda, being the archipelago that it is.

To cover devastating losses from any acts of nature that could happen, like earthquakes or flood, opt for the comprehensive insurance plan. This insurance plan offers a broader coverage because aside from natural calamities in the basic packages, your home will also be protected from other perils such as explosions, falling aircraft, fire and even vehicle impact. It also covers accidental water breakage and robberies. With the comprehensive insurance plan, your home will be protected plus you will get extra financial benefits.

Aside from all these, comprehensive plans may come with personal liability coverage.

  1. Comprehensive Personal Liability

In the event that there are other people affected when an accident happens in your home, this insurance plan will protect you from liabilities.

Get the insurance plan that will protect your home and your family entirely. Check the extent of the coverage of the insurances to make sure that you get what you really need. There is no telling when natural calamities or accidents will strike. If the unfortunate event happens, the best course of action is being prepared.

Make sure that you’re covered, MAPFRE INSULAR offers home insurance packages that include the mentioned coverages. Learn more about home insurances through visiting the MAPFRE INSULAR website: www.mapfre.com.ph.

Protect your family. Protect your home.

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