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Cruising along the highways with your loved ones are always a great bonding experience. Road trips with friends and family are a staple to Filipinos, especially during the summer season. While you always put safety as one of the top priorities, it doesn’t hurt to be sure to have a fallback if, unfortunately, you fail to avoid a road mishap.

This is where car insurance comes in. You will not only get financial aid, but legal assistance and roadside assistance during an accident as well. There are also other benefits in case of any loss or injury. It also protects you from any liability in case other vehicles or people are involved in the accident.

Already have an insurance? Great! But let’s just double check if your insurance covers everything you might need. If you still don’t have car insurance, then these are the things that you might want to consider to make sure you are completely covered.

  1. Are the basics covered?

The law actually requires car owners to have a Third Party Liability insurance. The basic car insurance or liability only covers damages to other people and property if you ever get into an accident. You should at least have this.

  1. How expensive is your car?

Your insurance policy should fit the needs of your car—its brand’s specifications, cost and maintenance. Some cars have more built-in features, and that means more expensive repairs, while there are basic types that can get you away with minimal financial burden in case you need to do some fixes.

Think of the worst damage that can happen to your car, then determine the amount that will be needed to do repair it. After all that, consult with your insurance provider if this damage costs will be covered. You have to know the extent of the financial help you are entitled to because it would cost you a fortune to pay for car repairs that wouldn’t be shouldered by your insurer.

  1. What if other people are involved?

Of course, these accidents could also affect other people. You can opt to get an insurance plan that will protect you legally and financially.

  1. What if you get injured?

Accidents come in many shapes and sizes. You can get involved in a minor accident that leaves you with little to no injury at all, or you can be caught in a car collision that requires urgent medical aid and hospitalization. May there be bruises or major injuries, it will benefit you a great deal to know that your policy has a medical aid coverage, always ready. Your well-being should be of utmost importance, and your finances come in a close second.

  1. Who will help you if an accident happens?

There is no telling when or where an accident may happen, so it is best if you know that you have someone to count on to help you. While this is essentially the rationale behind a car insurance plan, some policies do not include towing services or roadside assistance in case your car breaks down in the middle of the road. You may get the help of bystanders, but that doesn’t guarantee that your immediate needs will be attended to right away so check if your plan actually entitles you to these necessary services.

  1. How will you get around after an accident?

When your car is damaged and you are unable to drive, a plan that covers rentals as temporary replacement for your car can be a good indication that the insurance company is looking out for your best interest.

With all these taken into consideration, it’s time to get that right car insurance or upgrade your existing one. If you think your current car insurance plan already has you covered, then job well done. Now you can go to that relaxing beach resort or exciting new travel destination with the people you love to travel with.

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