You Won’t Believe How Much You Can Save On Car Insurance By Following These 7 Tips!


A car insurance doesn’t just protect your car. It’s there to protect you, your finances, along with your loved ones who might be involved in the unexpected with you.

Sadly, the common notion about car insurances is that they’re only additional costly expenditures. Some owners even go as far as thinking that they can manage without getting one by being careful.

But what they don’t realize is they don’t have to be so expensive, and the main reason why insurance policies exist in the first place, is to help individuals settle financial troubles in case the unexpected happens.

Best of all, there are tricks to make sure your insurance works for you financially. They can even help you save money, too!

  1. Affordable car means affordable insurance

A high end luxury car looks good. However, its price isn’t the only that’s going to be expensive, but its insurance as well. The model of your car is one of the first things insurers look at for replacement and repair costs. This means the more economic your car is, the more economic your insurance will be.

  1. Choose your needed coverage

Know what types of policies the insurance company offers. After knowing what the company offers, decide which package is responsive to your current needs, lifestyle and budget. Buy only the coverage you need for the vehicles that need it. Getting an insurance deserves the time and energy it takes to comprehend the intricacies and details that make up your own individual situation.

Make sure that all your concerns are covered, and only work with an insurance professional who takes the time to answer your questions.

  1. History matters

Insurers may charge a higher premium if you have had claims before. The higher the damages were, the higher the rates will be. Multiple small claims also have a bearing so you might want to take it easy on the minor claims.

  1. Safety measures

You’re getting an insurance to have protection so why not take it to the extra mile by having some safety and anti-theft features installed in your car. This not only lowers the chances of you getting into mishap, but also makes your insurer feel that you are a safe driver. Remember: Insurance companies recognize responsible drivers.

  1. Once is enough

Rates are usually lower if you opt to pay your premium in full. While you still have the option to pay in installments, you will have to shoulder extra financing cost by extending the terms of payment, thus, more money going out of your pocket.

  1. The bigger the better

The deductible is the amount you are willing to shell out before your insurance company covers any of your expenses, and getting a higher deductible will reduce your insurance premium. However, it will require you to pay more in the event that you do make a claim so obviously, this trick works best if you are a responsible driver.

  1. Get more value for your money

Aside from finding out what discounts are available to you, also check if your insurance provider offers free membership roadside assistance program that includes towing, minor repair service, etc. in case your vehicle breaks down while on the road. This definitely spells savings that will be staying in your wallet because you won’t be bothered by these small inconveniences any longer.

Although it will protect you from financial loss due to injuries and damages, a car insurance is not a license to be a reckless driver. Buying a car involves your utmost commitment not just in maintaining its good running condition, but also to be a responsible driver. Remember than one reckless move can result in injuries to you, your passengers and even pedestrians—not to mention expensive damage to property.

Becoming aware of all these things, and seeking the regular advice of a trusted insurance partner like MAPFRE INSULAR can provide you better coverage and save you money down the road. If you’re interested in protecting your assets, get a quote now by visiting MAPFRE INSULAR’s website:

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