A definitive guide to securing a building permit for your new house. You’re welcome!


Picture this; your dream home. Looking at your temporarily empty lot, you are now ready and able to build that house you have always wanted. You have a list of all the important things you have to consider: the color scheme, how many rooms should it have, should the dining room be beside the kitchen or the living room and where can my loved ones hang out so you can bond together. You can visually imagine what your new home will look like.

For your dream house to become reality, the first thing you need to do is to, well, build it. However, you can’t just go around and start building houses without securing the proper permits, or else you will risk stopping construction midway.

Feeling lost? We’ll guide you through the entire process.

To get a building permit, the first place you’ll need to visit is your city or municipal hall where you will find the Office of the Building Official. This is where you will get a checklist of all the things you need to secure a building permit. One of the things you’ll need to provide, which you will find included in the checklist, is the Proof of Property. This basically contains the documents that say the land is all yours to build a house on. A photocopy of your Transfer Certificate Title, Current Tax Receipt and Certified True Copy of your Tax Declaration of Property-lot will suffice as Proof of Property.

You can’t build your dream house on your own. You will need an architect, a master plumber and engineers with different specializations at your side. You will need them to provide photocopies of their PTR numbers and PRC licenses to make sure they are all legitimate. They will also be the ones to fill up your Building Permit Form, Electrical Permit Form, Sanitary Permit Form, Complete Sets of Detailed Plans and Bill of Materials and Specification.

Lastly, you will need a Permit Billboard, which you will put up on the construction site of your dream house, and a Location Clearance, to guarantee that the site is safe to build your dream house on. There are other forms that you will need to secure depending on the design of your house (like how many floors it will have) and if you own the lot where your dream house will stand.

Once you have all these, you can submit them back to the Office of the Building Official.

Next, you will go to the Assessor’s Office of your city or municipal hall. They will in turn give you an Acknowledgement Slip. This slip contains the date and status of your application. Once it has been approved, you will get an Order of Payment for the fees. These fees vary depending on the design and location of your dream home.

After paying for the fees at the Treasurer’s Office, you will get an Official Receipt. Bring a copy of the receipt to the Office of the Building. Finally, you can now claim your Building Permit.

Now you’re all set to start building your dream house. Whatever size, color or shape it will be, as long as your heart is there, its home. And to make everyday living even more worthwhile, a trusted home insurance partner like MAPFRE INSULAR is what you need to secure you and your assets.

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