Traveling Tips For Flying With The Kids

Traveling Tips For Flying With The Kids

Going abroad or out of town is always an adventure, especially when you get to share the experience with your little ones. But travelling with kids can be more challenging than your usual trips. For one, they can get easily bored, especially during flights that last for hours. Potty time can also be difficult to manage.

But of course, nothing can’t be solved by advanced planning. To avoid any mishaps during a flight with your darling kids, keeping these tips in mind might just do the trick:

  1. Child’s Travel Kit

It is important that you carry with you on the plane all the essentials for your child or children’s needs. Make sure that these essentials (food, milk, diapers, etc.) are easily accessible for whenever you may need them.

Tissue, wipes, hand sanitizers and other cleaning items for your child should also be in your bag

  1. Entertainment

Carry with you several toys or objects that can help keep your child entertained. Bring some stickers and paper. Do not bring toys that have small pieces or need to be assembled. There is a high chance of losing or leaving behind some of the parts. You can also encourage your child’s creative side by bringing paper or coloring books, stickers and crayons for their in-flight entertainment.

  1. Food

Avoid, however, bringing sticky or messy food. Bring food that doesn’t need to be held for a long time and stays in your child’s mouth until he or she finishes. Juice boxes should also be in sizes where your child can finish fast to avoid spilling it. You can bring a tumbler or a juice container, but make sure that it is sealed properly. If you are bringing with you more than one child, you should bring small packs for each of the children to make sure they are not fighting over a single bag of snacks.

  1. Technology

Bring portable and durable gadget with you. It could be a cellphone or a tablet. Download a lot of entertaining and educational games or cartoons. If you’re lucky enough, your child will doze off after some time using a gadget.

Another option could be a portable DVD player. Have them watch their favourite animated film that’s bound to last for at least a good two hours. Bring a set of earphones to avoid disturbing other passengers.

  1. Comfort

Also pack with you a pillow to make your child feel more comfortable or better yet, have them fall asleep the whole flight. You can also opt to bring a thin blanket if it won’t make your luggage too bulky since airplanes can be a bit chilly.

  1. Surprise Presents

Give them small gifts in the middle of the flight. This can divert their attention and get them excited with their shiny new toy. It doesn’t have to be anything big or expensive, just something that you know they’ll be interested in. For instance, one of those toys that come with meals in fast food chains. Those kinds of toys are usually portable and is just one whole piece like a doll or a small action figure.

  1. Pack Light

If it’s possible, only have one bag to carry on the plane so that you don’t have your hands full. You may opt to have your kid carry his or her own backpack. This will let you have more space, and lets your children have the feeling of being self-reliant.

Also, you will need at least one hand to hold your child. Your touch is the biggest source of comfort for them.

  1. Orientation

Before the trip, explain to your child the security procedures of the airport so they won’t freak out once you are there. To help introduce some discipline to your child, let them be aware of authoritative figures at the airport and the plane who are on the lookout for misbehaving children.

Make them wear shoes that are easy to take off and put on in case security makes them take it off. Landing and take-off can be a little scary for your child. Explain to them even before the plane ride what will happen. Give them a drink or something to put in their mouth to distract them.

  1. Before Boarding

While waiting to board the plane, let the children walk around and play under your parental guidance. This is an opportunity to let them use up some of their energy because they will be sitting down the entire flight. Make sure they have used the toilet and have a fresh set of diapers (if they still wear one) before getting on the plane.

Take advantage of early boarding. Let the attendants know that you need extra time to board. This way you can settle your children before there are other passengers inside the plane.

Be prepared when flying with your children, most especially if it’s their first time. Long plane rides can be fun for the kids and a great bonding opportunity with them.

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