Safety First! Here’s How to Protect Your Property from Burglars

Safety First! Here's How To Protect Your Property From Burglars

Aside from personal robbery, house burglary is one of the most common crimes in the Philippines. Its victims don’t simply lose priceless possessions, they also lose their sense of safety in their own home or in their own neighborhood.

Don’t wait ‘till the burglars step inside your home and you certainly can’t rely your home safety entirely on the authorities. Take it upon yourself to protect your home security by boosting measures and always staying prepared for the worst. Doing these things will allow you to protect your property, possessions, and ultimately, your loved ones.

To sleep soundly at night and for your family’s peace of mind, here are some tips to make your house burglar-resistant:

Tip #1: Don’t Show off Your Possessions

Parking your luxury car on your lawn or displaying your 60” TV near the window will attract not only admirers but also burglars. Keep your expensive belongings safe from prying eyes, especially because you can’t know if someone’s out to find a target in your area. You’d rather be safe than show off and expose your home to danger.

Tip #2: Make Them Think Someone’s at Home

Don’t make it apparent that you’re away, especially if you live alone. Create an illusion that someone’s at home. For example, leave a light on; or you could perhaps program a TV or radio to turn on at specific times. Burglars will think twice before breaking in a house with fully aware people in it.

Tip #3: Install a CCTV camera

Aside from creating the impression that your house is busy, let them know you have one installed in your house. Chances are, burglars would stay away from your house. Also keep in mind to monitor your CCTV camera for any suspicious activities outside your house. CCTVs camera recordings can also be used as evidence in case someone breaks into your house.

Tip #4: Don’t Leave Your Spare Key Outside

This might be the most practical and easiest way to retrieve your house key, but it puts your house at risk of burglary. Someone might’ve seen where you’ve retrieved your keys at some point, making it easy for anyone to break into you house. Give your spare key to a trusted friend or a neighbor instead.

Tip #5: Lock Up

This is the most obvious way to keep your house safe, but many people still forget to do it. Lock up every entry point in your house, may it be the gates, windows, or holes big enough for anyone to squeeze in. Make sure that these locks are not cheap and not easily breakable.

These are basic tips you could do to add up security to your home and you can do a whole lot more. Installing emergency alarms or keeping a dog will also do the trick. But above all, always be vigilant and be extra careful when leaving the house without anyone else in.

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