These 8 Simple Tips Will Help Your Car Last Much Longer


There are so many places people need to be—you need to go to work, the children need to get to school, you need to run errands, attend meetings, and so on. Luckily, we have our cars to thank for the convenience of traveling to the places we need to be.

But like any other machine, you can’t expect your cars to be in tip-top condition all the time. They need regular maintenance, especially if you want them to last for many years.

Keeping your car in its prime allows you to use it longer. Not only that, it will give you the confidence that you’re safe whenever you’re on the road.

With that, consider these tips to make sure your car is always at its best condition:

  1. Clean brake dust off regularly

The wheels of your car often accumulate dust brake from driving so you need to clean your wheels regularly to make sure they run smoothly. But before you start scrubbing, make sure your rims are free from any sharp particles that might damage your wheels. Also, use proper cleansing liquid that is specially formulated for cleaning wheels.

  1. Check your oil regularly

The oil keeps your engine at its best. You need to check your oil for three things: First, if it still lubricates properly. Next, if it still cools parts of the engine. Some newer car models already have oil coolers. This reduces friction and prevents the engine from overheating. Lastly, it helps clean the engine.

  1. Keep your paint finish in good condition

Your car’s exterior acquires a lot of scratches, dents, stains, dust and dirt. To keep your vehicle shiny and clean, you can invest in a good paint protection film. It lessens the frequency of getting your car waxed. Aside from good running condition, a good looking exterior keeps your car’s value intact.

  1. Check your battery terminals

Make it a habit to always check for corrosions. Rust not only makes your car less attractive, it can cause serious damage if left unchecked.

Battery terminals can also have heavy deposits so you need to scrape these off. You may use an old butter knife to remove major deposits and scrub them with a wire brush or a steel wool for the remaining ones.

  1. Maintain your tires

Apart from caring about how you car looks, you need to make sure that it runs safe. This involves regularly checking your tires for air pressure. In fact, keeping the correct air pressure in your tires is as important as giving your engine a tune-up.

Check the air pressure in your tires every other time you stop to fill up at the gas station. It is advisable to rotate and align them regularly. Under inflated tires cause excessive use of fuel and forces the engine to exert more effort while you are driving.

  1. Don’t overload your vehicle

Overloading has a lot of harmful effects on your car. The cords in the sidewalls could begin to snap and this cannot be reversed even when the load is removed. It can also damage your tires. The edges of the thread can accumulate heat and begin detaching from the tires. Worst of all, this can damage the brakes when you are climbing steep roads, leaving you vulnerable to accidents.

  1. Use the right fuel

Each car need to be filled up by specific fuels, and going for the right doesn’t always mean spending a lot. The key difference between fuels is the octane rating. Make sure you know which type of fuel your car needs and always only use that specific fuel. Otherwise, you risk blowing up your engine and cause expensive damage to it.

  1. Make sure all your lights are working properly

Your car lights are all there for a reason. Headlights and other warning lights should always be cleared. They should also be working. The lights above your steering wheel are just as important. It’s like your car’s way of telling you what it needs. It lights up when you’re low on oil or fuel.

Maintaining your car is your responsibility as a driver. Proper car upkeep affects your own safety and the safety of others on the road. With a well maintained car, you can travel further.

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