13 Things You Never Knew About Home Safety

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We consider our homes as the one of the safest places in the world. But what if they aren’t safe anymore? The rate of burglaries have been skyrocketing, and it can result to loss of assets or much worse, our own lives. Because of this, we are doing all that we can to keep our homes safe from all dangers. Here are 13 home safety hacks that can help you keep your home safe.

  1. Keep car keys near your bed while you go to sleep

When you hear suspicious noises late at night, or when you think someone is breaking in, you can press the panic button on your car key ring. A loud alarm will ring out, which leaves the burglar no choice but to leave.

  1. Store valuables in your child’s sock drawers rather than in your bedroom

Burglars often go to the master’s bedroom first because they think that this is where all the valuables would be placed. Burglars  tend to leave out the children’s bedrooms, it would be safer to store your valuables there. Just make sure to hide it very well, too, for we never know their plans of action.

  1. Put up ‘Beware of Dog’ and ‘Protected by a Security System’ stickers on surfaces visible to outsiders

You can place these stickers on your gates or doors, whether it’s true or not. This may deter burglars from entering your home. They already know that there are things that would stop them from taking your valuables, so why would they still try break in?

  1. Don’t leave spare keys in expected places

Most people usually leave their spare keys under the rug, in a potted plant, or anywhere near the house. What you don’t know is that robbers expect that already.  They secretly watch you for a few days to observe your actions so they could easily get into your house when they see where you hide your keys. What you can do is hide those keys far from your house, bring them with you at all times, or install a coded key vault.

  1. Reinforce door locks

These days, locks on door knobs are not enough to keep burglars out of your house because they know of numerous ways to unlock your door. You can consider adding long-throw deadbolts and other more complicated locking mechanisms to keep them out. Give those burglars a hard time breaking into your house!

  1. Install a peephole

Before opening the door, you should always know who is behind it, so you can decide whether to let the person in or not. Install a peephole. Peepholes are not exclusive to hotels anymore, remember that.

  1. You can ask a trusted neighbor to watch your house while you are gone

When leaving for a much-needed vacation, you could ask a trustworthy neighbor to watch over your house for you while you are gone. When you return, you can ask them if there has been any suspicious people asking for you or looking at your house. Just remember to bring something home for your neighbor as a thank-you.

  1. Build a hiding place for valuables

Aside from sock drawers, you can hide your valuables in places that burglars would least expect it to be. You could build different hiding places in your house. There are several tutorials on the Internet. The materials for those are accessible, inexpensive, and pretty easy to work with, too.

  1. Make your home look and sound lived in while you’re away

When you’re away, you can turn on the radio to make it seem that somebody is inside the house. Also, ask that trustworthy neighbor to collect any mail that comes to your door. Just leave things as they usually are when you’re there because sudden changes can hint that you’re not around—making it tempting for burglars to break in. However, remember to keep valuables out of sight.

  1. When loading up your car, do it quickly and hide it if possible

If you load up your car the night before your trip, it can serve as a signal to burglars that no one will be in your house for quite a while. If you have to do it in public, do it quickly.

  1. Use a metal bar or wooded rod so that sliding doors and windows can’t be easily opened

Find a metal bar or wooden rod that would fit in your track when the window or door is closed. This way, burglars cannot pry it open no matter how hard they try.

  1. Plant thorny plants under the ground floor windows

Plants like rosebushes and bougainvillea are beautiful additions to your garden. They could also deter burglars because of their thorny stems. Not only would they add color and beauty to the surroundings of your house, they would also keep burglars away. It’s like hitting two birds with one stone.

  1. Don’t overshare on social media

As much as you like to tell your online friends that you will be on vacation, or that you have a brand new gadget, avoid doing so. The information you share may fall into the wrong hands and may result to the loss of your valuables. Just share it with the friends you really care about, in real time.

These safety hacks can help you make a safer home for your family. Burglars will surely have a hard time breaking into your house! However, getting home insurance can give you the protection your home needs. Secure your home better.

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