How You Can Use Social Media To Save On Travel

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You’re a self-confessed wanderlust and your feet are just aching for another adventure. Only problem is, the last one has totally cut the budget for your next. It was a foreign country and you had no idea what was going on so spending a lot on getting lost and expensive food were inevitable.

That’s where you’re wrong. Traveling can be affordable, especially when you’re a person who loves to go on Facebook, Instagram, or the internet in general. You probably like taking beautiful photos of the places you go to, the food you eat or the weird things you buy from your travels. Why don’t you use that to your advantage? We’ve got some tips for you!

  1. Seat sales

Almost all of the airlines have Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter accounts. A frugal traveler knows that the best way to be the first ones to know when there are seat sales is to follow these airlines and patiently wait until they post something you can take advantage of.

There’s such a thing as piso fare. You know what that mean? Your airfare for ONE peso! It runs out in about a blink of an eye, so you better be aware the second they offer these very affordable seats.

  1. Promos and discounts

Aside from airlines, travel agencies and even travel destinations often have social media accounts that you can follow. Promotions and discounts are usually only offered for a limited time or to a limited number of people. Being the first to know is really a big factor in scoring some major finds.

Agencies offer packages, too. These packages are usually way cheaper than if you buy the products or services in the package individually.

  1. Join contests and giveaways

Follow hashtags and make use of the search engines. There are usually a lot of contests and giveaways offered on different social media platforms. It usually just requires you to like, repost, share or tag people on a certain travel company’s post. Make sure you follow instructions well so that you’ll have a valid entry.

However, this is more of an odds kind of thing. You’ll really save a lot of money…if you’re lucky. But there’s no harm in trying, right?

  1. Use your following

This tip works fantastically for travel bloggers since there are actually apps that convert the number of you following to discounts at hotels. It’s called Hotelied.

Also, a lot of hotels, restaurants and establishes recognizes the onset of social media marketing. When you have a huge following, they sometimes give discounts or even freebies so you can post about them on your account.

  1. Get recommendations

The best way to know if a certain hotel or area is actually worth going to or how you can get the best value for your money for it is by asking people who’ve actually been there.

Ask around. Post a status to inquire from your friends who’ve actually travelled. Comment on photos or videos that show what you want to do on your new adventure and about the expenses.

Being too shy is just not going to make the cut. You need to know as much as you can so you can plan your trip on an agreeable budget.

Traveling can get expensive, which is why you should take all the measures that you can to make it affordable. Social media really has many uses so take advantage of every single saving you can get from it.

Another key to spending less is to plan your trip. Being prepared is always cuts cost. For more information on how to be truly prepared for travel, with the help of a trusted insurance partner, visit MAPFRE INSULAR’s website thru this link.

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