Save More on Auto Repairs with These Tips


Car repairs are expensive, time-consuming hassle nobody really wants to go through. While it’s a necessary part of maintaining the overall condition of your car, you don’t always have to wait through – then lash out some cash – every time you visit the auto mechanic.

Let’s look at some tips to save as money on auto repairs:

Tip #1: Stick with an excellent mechanic

Find a mechanic or a repair shop that really knows what he’s doing and has your car’s best interest in mind. After that, stick with them like a clingy Koala bear on a branch.

Finding the best man for the job saves you money in a way that you’d know where your money’s worth is going. Valuing other people’s recommendation also helps. If you can find something written about these things on the internet, take them into consideration.

Tip #2: The classic D.I.Y.

There are actually some repairs that you can do yourself regardless of your technical knowledge in cars. For instance, you can do your oil change, air and oil filter replacement, as well as the rotors. You won’t believe how much you’ll save by doing these repairs by yourself. But, of course, you have to study how to properly repair the parts before actually performing them. You wouldn’t want to incur much more damage to your car now, would you?

Tip #3: Don’t insist if you can’t

Contrary to tip #2, do not repair anything if you really can’t properly do it. You’re not superhuman. If you don’t know what you’re doing, you might only screw something important in your car that would be expensive to fix. Once you damage your car, you’ll end up cashing out more than what you’ll normally pay to a car repair shop.

Tip #4: Get educated

Use the internet to read up on auto repairs so that you’ll have an idea on how your car should be fixed. Also, don’t just pay what’s asked of you, if you sense that there’s something wrong with your bill – like duplicate labor charges – speak out your concern. Letting someone tweak your car without you knowing what they’re actually doing about it leaves you at a disadvantageous position.

Tip #5: Buy your own stuff

If your damaged car needs new parts that are rather expensive, buying for a cheaper version in other stores will save you a lot of money. Buying the needed car parts on your own can lighten your total bill compared to having your car looked at by a mechanic because you’ll only be shouldering additional expenses for the consultation.

Tip #6: Hoard some coupons, promotions, and reward cards

If your favorite service station has a website, frequently visit for coupons, seasonal service deals, and other program that you can take advantage of. If you have been subscribing to a dealer for many years now, it wouldn’t hurt to get some of your money back, right?

At the end of the day, you’ll learn that all that research time and DIY efforts are worth it once you see your savings. As much as successfully fixing your own car boosts your confidence, there are some things that we can’t easily fix, even if brought to a mechanic.

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