4 Ways to Save on Serious Cash While Flying Business Class


Soft and spacious couches, delicious sandwiches, and smiling accommodating attendants—business class is really a dream for a lot of plane flyers. It is the ultimate flying relaxation experience.

There’s just one thing getting in the way between travelers and business class flights; price tag. This flying experience does not come cheap and the best of us can’t really afford it.

But there is still hope. There are ways to get a hold of these coveted seats without shedding huge sums—and we’ve got just the hacks for you!

  1. Use your collected transferrable points or miles

If you are a frequent traveler, then you definitely know what this is. There are many ways for a person to collect miles. It can be through accumulated flights and there are even some gas companies that offer miles when you gas up with their cards.

Credit card companies and banks have something similar. They offer points that you can exchange for airfare whenever you use their cards for shopping.

These miles and points can give you big discounts for airplane tickets.

  1. Book flights really early

If you know exactly when you will be in flight, try to book it 60-90 days prior the trip. Airlines typically offer discounts for business class seats when they are booked this early.

Of course, you need to consider holidays or weekends. They might not offer discounts for days like those because of the number of people.

  1. Get a last minute upgrade at a discounted price, or better, free!

Sometimes, when there are seats available in the business class, the crew will offer it to the passengers currently flying in the same aircraft. But here’s the tricky part: There is no assurance as to who they will offer it to and whether they will make you pay or just give it to you for free.

Traveling alone is not so bad, especially since it will increase your chances to score an upgrade. Be really nice and polite. Who knows? The crew might take notice and grant you the privilege of flying business class.

  1. Subscribe to bulk buying or sale offering agencies

There are travel agencies and airlines that offer seat sales. Usually, they are easily searchable online and they are active on social media. It’s just a matter of actively subscribing to them so you’re sure you are notified whenever these agencies make an announcement. Only then can you take advantage of these sales.

There are also agencies that get discounts because they buy in bulk. You can buy tickets through them to get major discounts on premier seats on the airplane.

Just be resourceful and follow these tips to secure a rejuvenating flight. This is especially important when you are expecting a lot of hours during your flight.

You deserve a little luxury in life, like flying business class, and it doesn’t mean it has to be expensive. The price tag doesn’t always have to get in the way of you and your dream airplane seats.

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