Reasons Why It’s Smart To Have Car Insurance If You’re Driving On The Metro Manila Streets


Every city has their own charm, but there is nothing quite like the streets of Metro Manila that leaves every responsible driver—new and old—the feeling that they need to take extra safety precautions.

There’s a reason why Waze users rated Metro Manila with worst traffic back in 2015. While the government is working to improve the traffic situation, better be prepared with car insurance.

Here are some scenarios where car insurance can come in handy:

  1. Crazy crossing pedestrians

Some people thinks that convenience is more important than safety. They ignore pedestrian lanes, overpasses, and underpasses altogether.

These people surprise drivers making them either step on the brakes or make a sharp turn. Jaywalking not only pose danger to the pedestrians and motorists, but it can also cause traffic jams.

  1. Red light runners

When the light turns yellow, it means slow down and not speed up. However, there are some drivers who are wired to think the opposite. Beating the red light is a big no-no as I you can get a traffic violation, or worse, an accident.

  1. Flood prone areas

When it rains, it pours. And when it rains in Metro Manila, expect some heavy flooding in some areas. Case in point: España, Manila.

Sometimes, you have no choice but to cross the river-like floods in the streets of the metro to get to your destination. The worst fear of any driver in this scenario is when your car stops while crossing the flood.

  1. Deadly drivers

There are different kinds of deadly drivers; road rage drivers, drunk drivers, sleepy drivers, drivers with broken brakes, etc. Unfortunately, you can find them driving along with you on the streets of Metro Manila.

You cannot tell when or where you will come across these drivers when you’re casually driving around, but be warned that they exist and you just might come across them.

  1. Sneaky motorists

One minute, you’re steadily driving a clear road and the next thing you know there’s a speeding motorcycle from your right side. Motorcycles have the most accidents reported in the Philippines.

They’re fast and fearless, hard to predict, and can fit into small gaps between cars. Sometimes, you even need to be cautious when you open your doors near the sidewalks just to make sure there are no motorcycles speeding by.

Metro Manila can be a crazy jungle for drivers. Although the traffic is not very pleasurable, the city sure holds a lot of gems that even tourists think are enough to pay a visit.

Just be as ready for any road mishaps due to these Metro Manila staples on the streets. You need car insurance from a company that genuinely cares about your safety and knows exactly what you need at the rise of the occasion.

Get to know the company who will be there for you every mile of the way—MAPFRE INSULAR. Visit now and start a safe, worry-free journey whenever and wherever you are.

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