7 Ways to Save Gas When Driving a Manual Car


Despite the fact that most people nowadays drive automatic cars, there are still a number of people who love to run the road with stick shifts. Some prefer automatic cars because they find it easier to drive, while others tend to think driving a manual makes them a real driver.

Little do drivers know that there is actually a difference in gas consumption between manual and automatic cars, and that you can actually save gas when you’re driving a manual.

Here are some ways you can conserve gas and in turn, save money on your manual transmission:

  1. Skip some gear

Don’t use every gear of a manual transmission when driving. Driving through 1-2-3-4-5 and 6 if you only need to use 1 and 3 only wastes your precious fuel. Skip some gears, and you’ll save more fuel. This will keep engine speed—and fuel consumption—low during acceleration. This is most useful when the lower gear is already revved too high during traffic.

  1. Don’t idle

Keeping idle can amount to at most 17 percent of your gas consumption. If you’re waiting somewhere for a long time, it’s best to just turn off your engine. Also, if you are at a red light or stuck in traffic, shift your gear to neutral to reduce the load on the engine.

  1. Drive in the right gear, always

Change the gears as soon as your car lets you know you need to shift. Switching into a high gear while driving on hills or corners exhausta your engine, and at the same time, wastes more fuel. Same goes when driving a lower gear on a fast lane. In other words, always use the right gear for the right situation.

  1. Travel light

Remember, extra weight can eat up extra fuel. Don’t pile up your car with old things like a store room. When you don’t need an equipment on a trip, leave it at home. Don’t bring it. You will be surprised at how this can also release you of visual clutter.

  1. Don’t drag the car

Believe it or not, once your car gets to 45 km/h, it uses more gas because it has more wind resistance. Make your car as aerodynamic as possible especially if you’re driving on a highway. Also keep the windows and sunroof closed if you can.

  1. Don’t let the tires tire!

Always check if your tires are completely and properly inflated. This will reduce the drag that your car must overcome. Also, if your car tires are nearing retirement, replace them with new, similar tires. Your car will love you for it!

  1. Maintain Low RPMs

Keep your RPM gauge on check and always keep your RPMS within a certain range, for example from 1200 to 1500. Revving your engine boosts your RPMs, but will consume much of your gasoline. Better control it than face the pricey cost of gas in the near future!

Gasoline is a pricey necessity if you own a car, so you want to save more to keep your pockets full for your other expenses.

Everyone has their own preference when it comes to cars. Whether it’s manual or automatic, what matters most is how well you drive by following traffic rules and how you take care of your vehicle.

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