8 Travelling Mistakes You Didn’t Know Are Using Up Your Budget


It’s the last day of the trip and it was supposed to be the day you buy pasalubong. But then you realized that your remaining budget was just enough to get you home.

It was a worthwhile trip but at the back of your mind, you knew you could have had the same amount of fun without burning the same amount of cash. If you feel like you spent too much, chances are, you committed some of these budgeting mistakes:

  1. Giving in to shopaholic tendencies

Yes, there are many enticing keepsakes to see in flea markets and malls abroad. Sometimes, you think to yourself; “I might not be able to see this again so I should buy probably get it now.”

This is where the problem lies—making impulsive purchases. Before you go on buying a pair of earring or a matryoshka doll, make sure it’s worth it and it fits your budget. You also should be careful about buying things because there are items that are hard to repair back at home, in case it breaks or needs fixing. What a waste!

  1. Choosing the wrong hotel location

You may think that you’re saving money by booking a hotel that is cheaper than the standard rates, but you may be spending more on transportation. You might not even get the value for your money.

Booking a hotel that is far from the places you want to visit will be a bit of an inconvenience to you in terms of travel time and expenses, especially if you have children with you. There’s also the risk of getting lost.

Take the time to research on the best available choices online. Try to browse hotel booking websites like Airbnb to find affordable places for you.

  1. Ditching insurance

You might think you don’t need it, but when the emergency is actually there, you’ll be glad you got yourself covered.

There are many things insurance can save you from. From medical emergencies to technical problems at the airport, insurance will sure come in handy and can save you lots of time and unnecessary spending.

  1. Exchanging a lot of money before leaving

This is a common mistake travelers make when going abroad. Do not exchange a lot of money, get just enough until you get to the first ATM you see after landing. The exchange rate can be fickle and it might end up changing just before you land. If it is in your favor, then you’d regret having exchanged your money beforehand.

Get your currency exchanged at an exchange booth with a good rate. As much as possible, do not use the airport exchange booth because their rates and fees can be high.

  1. Taking the road frequently traveled

The tourist track can get pricey because it is priced for tourists. There is nothing wrong with that, but you might get more value for your money and more unique experiences if you explore outside the common tourist spots and activities.

You never know what kind of crazy adventure you might have. But of course, don’t ever risk your safety or health in the name of adventure. It won’t hurt to ask assistance from locals too!

  1. Incomplete travel essentials

A shampoo bottle, a tube of toothpaste, or a roll tissue may seem like cheap necessities, but they still account for several bucks! You may feel like you’re only spending a small amount, but when you accumulate those small amounts, you might be surprised by how much you’ve spent already.

Add budget for that or better yet, don’t forget to pack them. You will save on cost and you will also save yourself from a trip to the convenience store (where you might get tempted to buy other unnecessary things).

  1. Controlling your roaming settings

Allowing your phone to be on roam aimlessly will skyrocket your next phone bill. While it is important to contact your loves ones back at home, it can also be quite expensive to do so.

Control your usage of roaming as much as you can. Better yet, shut it off completely and opt to use the hotel or other places you visit’s free Wifi to get in touch with loved ones back home.

  1. Underestimating the time or distance between connecting flights

This is one vital mistake that happens all too often. Underestimating the travel time between connecting flights will cause you to miss it, which is more of a waste of time. But, you know, time is money. And if you’re wasting time, you’re wasting money.

Make sure to put enough allowance for time in between your connecting flights to avoid this kind of inconvenience.

It’s not about buying or booking the cheapest, it’s about getting the value for your money and you can still have an adventurous and happy trip without shelling out so much cash. The best part about having enough budget is getting to buy pasalubong for your loved ones to make them feel that you didn’t forget them during the course of your trip.

One of the least prioritized and commonly disregarded travel essential is insurance. Comprehensive travel insurance can help you with any emergency that could happen while you’re on your trip whether locally or abroad. From medical expenses, lost baggage to trip cancellations, a travel insurance will surely save you. MAPFRE INSULAR offers these services for both domestic and international trips.

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