7 Home Keeping Mistakes You Didn’t Know Are Endangering Your Family And Your Home


Shiny clean floors and all things kept in place is what people want in their homes. Aside from having a clean house, people also want to keep everything in place and running.

However, there are instances when people aren’t aware that what they’re doing for their home actually causes more harm than good. Here are some examples of home keeping habits that are actually bad for your home.

  1. Cleaning with vinegar

Not all materials are conducive to vinegar. It can be very damaging to materials like marble or tiles. According to Good Housekeeping, vinegar is great to have in the cleaning arsenal because it can lift a lot of stains, but it is not advisable to use on all surfaces and egg stains.

  1. Getting wooden floor boards wet

Getting wooden floors wet is not a very good idea. Although there are wood cleaning products that need to be diluted in water, the floors are not supposed to get soaked. It may cause the wood to deteriorate.

  1. Putting heavy objects in high places

Some households have the bad habit of putting a lot of objects they keep for seasonal or occasional use, such as Christmas trees, at the top shelves. Top shelves that are hard to use are one of the designated places to keep these stocked objects. However, this can be very dangerous in case of earthquakes.

  1. Putting your gas too near your burner or other flammables

This is actually a common malpractice, especially to quaint homes. In order to save space or for convenience purposes, households almost always put their gas right next to their stoves. For starters, gas shouldn’t be placed out in the open because it will be too susceptible to flammable substances.

  1. Neglecting the unreachable places

Some households just put off cleaning parts of the house that are just hard to reach. However, the dirt build up can become a breeding ground for harmful bacteria. There are usually specialized cleaning tools and products for areas that are out of reach.

  1. Using too much cleaning products

Even in cleansers, quality over quantity still does the trick. Instead of pouring so much cleanser, hoping for better results, still to quality ones. You will save more money this way and avoid the risk of damaging your things because of poor quality cleaners.

  1. Trying to DIY complicated repairs

There are just some repairs you need to leave to the professionals. While changing lightbulbs or repainting walls are tasks you can do, don’t risk doing the harder jobs yourself. If you attempt to do complicated home repairs on your own, you will not only risk damaging your home, but you will also risk your safety, as well.

Housekeeping can be difficult, but it needs to be done in order to have nice clean and organized home. Home is where you dwell with your loved ones. Everyone wants to keep their homes clean and safe.

Make sure your home is protected and that if anything does happen, you are prepared, especially financially, to save your home.

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