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Cruising along the highways with your loved ones are always a great bonding experience. Road trips with friends and family are a staple to Filipinos, especially during the summer season. While you always put safety as one of the top … Continue reading

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What does your coffee say about you

 ESPRESSO:  Friendly and adaptive Takes on Leadership Knows how to get what they want  DOUBLE ESPRESSO:  Practical and hardworking Thinks before getting into something TRIPLE ESPRESSO:  Enthusiastic but obsessive Occasionally moody Charismatic, energetic and the life of the party. MOCHA:  … Continue reading

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May 2014: Mi MAPFRE Treat

Win Not 1 but 3 MAPFRE Insular notebooks for you and your friends!   First one to email their existing policy number wins. Intermediaries & MIIC Employees are excluded from this promo

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May 2014: Mi MAPFRE Alert

  Visit now!

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May 2014: Healthy Meal for Kids

Do It Yourself: Healthy Meal for Kids Mini Tuna and Salad Subs Ingredients: 100g can light tuna with tomato and onion, drained 1 tablespoon frozen corn kernels 2 teaspoons low-fat mayonnaise 2 dinner rolls 2 tablespoons grated light tasty cheese … Continue reading

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May 2014: 7-Days Healthy Eating Plan with a twist

Day 1 : Fruits Only all kinds of fruits are allowed except for banana preferred fruits are apples, watermelon and all citrus fruits eat as much as you want no preserved and canned fruits allowed Day 2 : Vegetables Only raw … Continue reading

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May 2014: Eat better and healtier: The Filipino Style

  We all agree that Filipinos love eating!We have our complete meals: breakfast, lunch and dinner and snacks in between, plus a snack at midnight. But it is still important for us to watch what we eat. Here are some tips … Continue reading

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